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His career with an international orientation and the profound competence of Stephan Bergamin have found their expression in recognized publications. Among other things, he dedicates himself to the future topics of globalization and digitization as well as transformation management, always with a strong practical relevance.


«The book mainly discusses how digital target images are developed, what subsequent transformation processes look like, how they are planned and implemented. The book as a guide for the future comes at the right moment.»

Doris Leuthard, former Federal Councilor, President of the Swiss Digital Initiative SDI Foundation

«Any manager who wants to get a quick overview of globalization and digitization should start with the book by Bergamin, Braun and Glaus. Compact, a pleasure to read and enriched with many practical examples.»

Valentin Vogt, entrepreneur and President of the Swiss Employers Association

«Whoever buys a company is making a far-reaching and risky decision. Preparing and executing a company takeover requires a lot of resources and specific skills. The high financial and personal commitment does not allow for failure. This practical guide shows how an integration project can be successfully planned and implemented. He summarizes the experiences of Stephan Bergamin and Markus Braun in connection with around 30 M&A transactions from various industries.»

Hans Hess, former CEO and Chairman, including former Swissmem President


This book brings home the message that meticulous integration management is the key to success in M&A transactions. Half of all M&A transactions are unsuccessful because many companies embarking on a merger neglect this key success factor. Based on 30 years of experience of corporate mergers and acquisitions as well as the subsequent implementation of growth strategies, the authors have developed a practical manual.

Springer Nature Switzerland

With practical concepts, instructions and numerous case studies, the guide «Ordering competence in facility management» makes a contribution to professional procurement at a strategic and operational level – for orderers of facility management services for commercially used properties as well as for public buildings.

SVIT publishing house

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